Conference and Convention Management

Conference and Conventions Security Management. Tellus specializes in Conferences and Conventions Security Planning and Execution. We...

Festivals and Concerts

Tellus has expanded their presence in the Festival and Concert world. We work with several partners to plan, manage and successfully execute a safe and secure ...

Credentials and Access Control

Tellus' software suite manages your access control and entry plan from the first person on site, to the last to leave. Tellus' suite allows the real time...

Security Management

TELLUS Management and Consulting's Team have the knowledge, education, specialized training and understanding of all aspects of Security Operations. The TELLUS Team ...

Security Consulting

With an established professional reputation and the technical expertise in all security matters combined with the skills necessary to successfully complete any assignment...

Training and Education

TELLUS offers a broad array of training programs and educational courses for Project Managers and Event Planners. These educational courses are designed to teach professionals ...

Since 2018

TELLUS Management and Consulting

TELLUS consists of a Team with many years experience in Security Management and Consulting. The TELLUS Team comes from Law Enforcement, Military, Corporate Security with various backgrounds and training. The TELLUS Team has handled management and security for projects, conferences, concerts and special events in 45 different countries over the last 15 years.

When creating Project Teams, TELLUS looks for the the right fit for each client. Each client, project, location or attendee demographic has unique challenges. Having the right Team is vital to the success of the project and the safety and security of everyone involved.

Being flexible is the primary focus of TELLUS. We strive to identify potential risks to the project and design a solid plan to incorporate the best practices into a comprehensive, standardized framework that is flexible enough to be applicable across the full spectrum of potential incidents, regardless of cause, size, location, or complexity and to applicable across multiple venues or events.

The Right Team. Total Flexibility. Consistent Framework.


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