Our Approach

TELLUS  - Consistent Framework

When designing the systems in place at TELLUS, we set our sights on considering the Global aspects of each individual project. Balancing the safety and security for each attendee, employee, staff and guest with the budget, attendee experience and the risks and threats to the project in mind.

TELLUS  - Total Flexibility

The answer at TELLUS is YES. We will work on any project and with any team. TELLUS team members are contracted to work long days and short nights. In the world of safety and security, 24/7 is just not enough time. At TELLUS, we maintain a level of flexibility that we believe is not matched across the world.

Our Story

The Right Team.

After working many successful years in the industry, the owner of TELLUS took an opportunity to build and grow his own management and consulting business. While his ownership and guidance in leading TELLUS is important, it is the Team Members and various backgrounds that are the true strength of TELLUS. TELLUS Team Members collectively use their combine knowledge and experience to help make each project a success.

Dan Clark

Owner and CEO

10 years in the Event Security and Planning Industry and 10 years in a law enforcement career. Has worked as the Project Manager and Security Director with several major corporations on several major events.

Jordan Page

Project Manager

Jordan has executed several major events and conferences over the past 5 years. His diverse background ensure total trust and flexibility on every project. Jordan's ability to handle stressful challenges make him a consistently requested manager for projects.

Jeromy Sampson

Project Manager

Experience in many aspects of the security profession give Jeromy the expertise on projects clients request. His balance of security and management make him a favorite with our clients and contractors.


Click here to discuss options or look to engage TELLUS on your project. We hope to answer within a few hours, but please understand we may be on a project.

Thank you in advance for considering TELLUS.