Security Management

TELLUS Management and Consulting's Team have the knowledge, education, specialized training and understanding of all aspects of Security Operations. The TELLUS Team has well-respected reputation in the industry that can be verified with a proven track record. TELLUS can provide planning and logistics for major events, create and execute security plans, plan for crisis management, create preventative plans for loss prevention, create and manage emergency planning or discuss, plan and manage counter-terrorism and incident action plans.


Security Consulting

With an established professional reputation and the technical expertise in all security matters combined with the skills necessary to successfully complete any assignment, TELLUS can provide the best possible service to our clientele. TELLUS can provide consulting and assessments on both new and existing projects. TELLUS can assist with planning and logistics for major events, create and test building security, produce risk assessments, conduct physical security surveys or provide security training.


Training and Education

TELLUS offers a broad array of training programs and educational courses for Project Managers and Event Planners. These educational courses are designed to teach professionals to be knowledgeable and informed, visible and proactive, courteous and professional all while maintaining a high security awareness. Course curriculum is always updated and kept current with the industry’s best practices as well as strategies are taught to apply new and creative solutions to challenges.


TELLUS Mangement Model

Sourcing, evaluation and selection of any partner security agencies. Coordinate and work with the contracted security company to ensure the security personnel are on post when requested. Create security post orders for each post that will outline job duties. Ensure security personnel will be strategically and efficiently placed throughout the entire area to ensure a highly visible security presence is established.

Meeting Client's Needs

Exceeding our client’s expectations is an essential element in our everyday work. A long term commitment to our clientele with the understanding that we want to create a long-lasting business relationships is paramount to our organization. The TELLUS Team ensures that our response to our clients’ needs, whether they are emergency, urgent or routine, is immediate and thorough. We believe this is the major differing factor between TELLUS and other firms within the industry. Our high level, pro-active approach and attention to the details are at all times present in our dealings with both our clients and personnel.


To Contact the TELLUS Team

Click here to discuss options or look to engage TELLUS on your project. We hope to answer within a few hours, but please understand we may be on a project. Thank you in advance for considering TELLUS.